Mesa Workshop

with Don DeMercurio

Sunday, February 15, 2015
9:00am to 5:00pm

Mercy Spirituality Center, Rochester, NY
Pre-registration required.

Andean Mesa Workshop

The people of the Peruvian Andes, the Quechua and Q’ero, are the direct descendants of the Inka. They are also the last remaining native lineage holders of this ancient embodied tradition of spirituality.

For several years I traveled back and forth to Peru, where I was initiated into the Mesa tradition by Don Maximo Quispe Singona (fondly known as Grandfather) and his grandson, Fredy (Puma) Quispe Singona. In August of 2008 grandfather left his earth body and returned to his home in the stars. During the last decade of his life he offered us teachings pertaining to the mesa tradition and he asked that we carry the seeds of this tradition to the North and share them so that others might awaken to the truth of their cosmic origins.

What we in the North know about the tradition of the mesa is very limited because the essence of these traditions is passed through the DNA of the people and the land, but what my teachers in the Andes did offer me were glimpses into the Reality that they have lived in harmony with for centuries. These teachings reflect a truth that permeates all Reality. From within the living wisdom that opens through presence, commitment and reciprocity this living mystery is offered to all.

I invite you to join me in this day of ceremony, creation, mystery and practice.

In this one day workshop you will be guided to create, activate and work with your personal mesa or medicine bundle.
• Introduction to the inner and outer workings of the mesa
• Creating your personal mesa (medicine bundle)
• Awakening the power of the mesa through initiation ceremony
• Connecting through the mesa to your own inner guidance
• Working with the mesa for healing for yourself and others

what to bring

1. A fabric approx. 18″ to 24″ square. This will be used as the foundation of your mesa when you are working with it and also the outer container when you close your mesa.
2. 10 – 20 small stones, crystals, or other objects that hold personal significance for you or that help you connect with particular qualities. They can be from special places that you’ve visited or items that have been given to you. Small pieces of jewelry, images of loved ones, spiritual icons… Your mesa is a representation of what it is that is sacred to you, an external representation of your inner heart.
3. Also include at least one shell
4. And bring at least one feather

Workshop fee and details

$110 if registered and paid before February 1, 2015.
$125 if registered and paid after February 1, 2015.
(includes tuition, continental breakfast, snacks, coffee, tea and water)
Bring a bag lunch, a journal and items (listed above) for constructing your mesa.

Participants should plan to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45am. Coffee, tea, water and snacks will be available. Program will begin promptly at 9:00am.

For more information: Email or Phone: 802-448-2473.


Pre-registration required.
Payment due with registration. Payment may be made by check, credit or debit card.