Meditation and Inquiry

Ongoing teaching, practice and support group for students who are committed to embodying a deeper level of Being through the practice of Presence and Inquiry. Through this practice you will learn the skills to penetrate the structures of your personality and open to the arising of the essence of true nature. With Don DeMercurio.

dates and time

8 Wednesdays
(Group forming – will begin with 8 committed participants)

group size

8 – 12 people


$320 for series of 8 sessions

the process of open ended inquiry

As we penetrate the structures of our ego/personality, our true nature or essence naturally reveals itself. For most of us, our identification with what is occurring on the surface of our lives occludes the awareness of what is actually happening in the present moment. Real transformation can occur when we bring a combination of curiosity, energy, compassion and commitment to the exploration of what’s unfolding in our immediate experience. It also requires support and guidance in learning how to inquire into our inner process skillfully and effectively.

Transformation occurs naturally when we hold ourselves and our process with loving kindness and acceptance. In the presence of judgment or rejection, our process tends to contract and we simply circle around the same inner loop of our personality structure with new and improved methods of defending while developing more refined logic to support our beliefs and convictions.

The process of open-ended inquiry demonstrates that there is an organic, dynamic, loving intelligence to life that opens and flows naturally when we allow ourselves to stay present to what is arising in us at any given moment. As we learn to stay present to our experience and apply objective scrutiny to our inner convictions there is a natural tendency for the soul to open up to what is true. It is in this process that we can experience the arising of our Essence.

Each session will incorporate meditation, body-sensing, teaching and practice around what it means to stay in your own experience while being completely present to what is occurring around you, and the opportunity to witness and/or practice a facilitated process of open-ended inquiry.

Complete confidentiality is required and a commitment to simply show up. Groups will remain closed for each cycle and will continue in four month cycles, as long as a minimum of 8 students are enrolled. Students will be asked to arrange their schedules to insure their availability with the exception of real emergencies.