Journey to Machu Picchu – Itinerary

trip itinerary

September 27 – Day 1

Fly USA-LIMA-CUZ (Arrive Sept. 28am)

September 28 – Day 2  (Lodging Cuzco)

Early morning flight to Cuzco (3400m (11,150ft.) Cuzco is the historical and spiritual capital of the Inka empire. Shuttle from airport to a charming boutique hotel in the artists district of San Blas. Time to nap, settle in and acclimate to the altitude. Lunch. After an orientation and welcome the journey will officially begin with a walking tour of the city for your first glimpse into the remarkable history of this sacred land, her people and her ancestors.

September 29 – Day 3   (Lodging Cuzco)

Morning inititation at the temple of the moon. Picnic Lunch. Afternoon Karpay Ayni ceremony at Q’enko. Meditation at Tambomachay. Evening free.

September 30 – Day 4  (Lodging Chinchero)

Begin the day with a journey to Sacsayhuaman, the head of the Puma, above Cuzco. Explore the massive stronghold with its tunnels, temple sites and magnificent walls. Afternoon drive to village of Chinchero, the ancient Quechua village where the lineage of our beloved family’s roots and lineage is centered. Out of the hustle and bustle of the city we will begin to settle into our own roots as we open our hearts to Pachamama and enter ceremony.

October 1 – Day 5   (Lodging Chinchero)

Full day in Chinchero. This day will be spent in deep communion with our Apus and Pachamama. In the evening we will make an offering of gratitude and to ask for the blessing and assistance of our Apus and Pachamama through a traditional Despacho ceremony with Doña Irene and Puma.

October 2 – Day 6  (Lodging Aguas Calientes)

Morning trip to Maras and Moray, two powerful regions of spiritual significance. Drive to Ollantaytambo in the afternoon for lunch before boarding the train to Aguas Calientes. Afternoon free to wander through the shops and cafes, take a dip in the thermal springs and relax.

October 3 – Day 7  (Lodging Aguas Calientes)

Full day in Machu Picchu – Optional hike in the afternoon to Huayna Picchu and the temple of the moon.

October 4 – Da7 8 (Lodging Pisac)

Morning train to Ollantaytambo. Meditation and teaching at Ollantaytambo. Drive to village of Pisaq. Afternoon in the temple of Pisaq. Dinner at Doña Clorindas.

October 5 – Day 9 (Lodging Cuzco)

Morning in Pisac market. Visit the animal sanctuary at Cochawasi on way back to Cuzco.

October 6 – Day 10 (Lodging Cuzco)

Spend the day in Quillarumiyoq in ceremony. Despacho (Optional Wachuma Ceremony).

October 7 – Day 11 (Lodging Cuzco)

Free day in Cuzco. Coca leaf readings. Celebration dinner with family.

October 8 – Day 12  

Depart Cuzco  – Mid-morning flight to Lima. Rest for the day in hotel, optional tour of the Inca gold museum. Night flight to USA.

October 9 – Day 13

Arrive USA


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