Journey to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of Peru

with Don DeMercurio and Nina Miller

september 27 to October 8, 2015


There is nothing that can match the experience of being in the essence of Pachamama (Mother Earth) in the Andes of Peru. This journey will provide a rare opportunity to be in nature in one of the most dramatically powerful places on our planet and to be invited into the homes and lives of our Quechua family who are lineage holders of the sacred wisdom of their ancient Andean culture.

Your guides, Nina Miller, Don DeMercurio, Puma Quispe Singona and Alfredo Huayta Singona have been weaving a rich and deepening relationship between our North American and South American families since 1999. Together we cultivate and nurture a vision of personal and planetary healing through sharing wisdom, experience, resources and spiritual teachings across our cultures. We believe that in this sharing, something which has been lost is made whole again within ourselves and for all people and for our Pachamama.

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