Awakening the Collective – Sunday Meditations on the Web

suspended for the summer

There is a new level of consciousness waking up within the collective body of humanity. And it needs our conscious participation to bring it to life. As the old structures that were based in separateness are falling away, a deeper understanding of our true nature is arising.

When we recognize ourselves as a living field of consciousness that manifests as “we” rather than “me”, we experience a newfound freedom. We unlock the knowledge that we are being created, every moment, as a dynamic, open, intelligent presence of Love, with no other purpose than to open up to allowing this presence to live through Us and as Us. This is the collective awareness we are discovering and that will usher in a time of higher consciousness and connectedness.

All are invited to join: Live on the Web every Sunday evening, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST (4:00pm – 5:00pm PST) for guided meditations, opening to a shared experience of our true nature and our collective awareness. Time for questions and comments will follow for those who wish to stay.

Sessions will be facilitated by Don DeMercurio, spiritual teacher and energy healer living in Burlington, Vermont.


Registration is required. We encourage you to register early so we can add additional spaces as needed.

how to join the party

Participants can join via live video, smartphone or landline.

After your registration is received you will receive a link and instructions for joining the event.

If you are joining for the first time please sign on 15 minutes early to make sure the process is complete and you are able to relax into the meditation.

suggested donation

$5 to cover the cost of hosting the event.

Each week we select a local or national organization creating positive change in the world and any excess proceeds will be donated.