Nina’s Services


Nina Miller, Lic Clinical Mental Health Counselor, has been practicing for over 25 years as an individual psychotherapist, couples therapist and human relations trainer. She works from the assumption that emotional, physical and spiritual healing are possible for individuals, couples and groups no matter how challenging the external circumstances may appear to be. Viewed in this light, our struggles provide tremendous opportunity for growth, self knowledge and the development of true understanding and compassion for self and other.

Individual Therapy

As an individual therapist Nina is experienced and comfortable working in a variety of areas:

  • Dealing with chronic and life threatening illness
  • Working through the underlying causes of anxiety and depression
  • Facing loss and healing through the process of grieving
  • Understanding and changing self defeating patterns in relationships
  • Healing the emotional and physical impact of trauma

Nina is a Level II EMDR practitioner and when appropriate offers this theory and practice as a tool for healing the experience of trauma.

She believes that the core of all the work involves a deep and honest examination of how we think and feel about ourselves, others and our world, how we treat ourselves and others, and how we take action to create change.

Couples Therapy

Nina is trained in the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of couples therapy and draws on this model to provide a rich base of concepts and skills designed to assist couples in making positive, long lasting change in their relating. She works to help couples understand negative, reactive cycles in a way that eliminates blame and shame, appreciate and build on their individual and collective strengths, and experience the power of defining one’s own task in improving the relationship.

Nina works with couples in such areas as:

  • How to communicate and work through issues concerning children, finances and intimacy
  • Deepening and strengthening the loving connection
  • Understanding and changing long-standing cycles of reactivity
  • Working through traumas that have affected the relationship
  • Working through disclosures of affairs and other disruptions to the core commitment
  • Exploring and communicating about the delicate and difficult process of one spouse coming out

 All of this work has common elements. The core of relational work is developing the capacity to articulate your own experience and deepen in your understanding of the other’s experience even when they may be vastly different. It is transforming to one’s own sense of inner strength and the strength of the relationship when we develop reliable skills for sharing honestly, with heart and kindness, about the things that have been the most challenging to approach.

Nina has enormous faith in this process and all that can be learned and healed when we show up whole-heartedly for the journey.

Contact: Email or Phone: 802-349-8839.