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Don DeMercurio has been an integral life path counselor and spiritual energy healer living in Rochester NY and Vermont for over 25 years. He brings a unique combination of compassion, curiosity, intuition, and humor to his work. He creates a safe and sacred space for clients to heal and open to the unfolding and realization of their authentic Self. More…

Intuitive Energy Healing

 Don DeMercurioAs our personalities develop we inevitably lose touch with our deeper nature and patterns of tension and holding manifest which limit our freedom and over time create the conditions for physical, psychological and spiritual dis-ease. Intuitive energy healing is an ancient process in which the laying-on-of-hands opens and restores the natural flow of energy, re-establishing balance and well-being to the body, mind and soul.

People have sought out intuitive energy healers for centuries for concerns such as:

  • Re-establish grounding, balance and overall energetic health
  • Well-being resulting from the discharge of accumulated stress and tension
  • Support for healing related to chronic and terminal illnesses
  • Healing of physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Dealing with issues of grief and loss
  • Rehabilitation from accidents and injuries

This work can also support other medical and psychological healing work which the client may be doing, allowing them to establish deeper contact with their underlying health, wisdom and basic trust.

A typical session, including consultation is 60 minutes. Don takes time to carefully listen to each client and inquire into the underlying issues. He then begins with a short prayer to open to the energy and create the intention for the healing.

Integral Life Path Counseling

What sets most of us on a path of inner transformation is a longing to experience life with more depth, joy and authenticity. Often there is a feeling that something just out of our grasp is missing or lost. It’s the drive to know who we really are. And the journey of transformation begins when we finally admit that simply changing the outer conditions of our life never fully resolves the ego/personality’s estrangement from our True Self.

Don creates a sacred space for inquiry where the focus of attention becomes your own direct experience of what is arising in the moment. He uses a process that combines therapy with meditation, bringing a gentle curiosity that allows inner-realization to occur naturally and spontaneously. This is a deep and powerful practice which illuminates the barriers and limitations to inner freedom while opening to the innate qualities of essence that ultimately resolve our core issues. As the work progresses clients develop a trust that there is a loving and wise presence which they can always rely on and from which they are inseparable. More…

Working with the Enneagram

9 enneatypesThe enneagram is a map which shows how our personalities develop along 9 distinct pathways and what occurs on each of those pathways as we inevitably lose contact with our natural state of Being or True Nature. These nine personality types are described as: The Perfectionist, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Skeptic, The Enthusiast, The Challenger and The Peacemaker.

When we are able to understand the strategies that each personality type develops as a way of compensating for the loss of true nature and what it is attempting to reconnect with, it makes the journey of transformation much more clear and accessible and allows us to see our own defense patterns and those of our loved ones with compassion and understanding. Don works with individuals and groups to teach and apply these principals.

Don is a graduate of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program and has used the enneagram in his own path of transformation. He was also a student of Sandra Maitri, spiritual teacher and author of Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram and The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues.


At certain stages in our lives we are ready to move beyond the familiar and make bold moves into new life territory. Coaching allows a space to explore possibilities, set priorities and invite accountability to move forward with commitment and purpose. Having a coach who stands beside you, reflecting the strengths and capacities that you bring to life and reinforcing the strength and will needed for moving forward can make all the difference between an unfulfilled dream and actualizing your potential.

Coaching is not a substitute for deep inner healing work but can be useful in specific times of expansion and creativity.


Essence Institute:
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Session Fees:

sliding scale available

Rochester, NY (Primary Location)
60 minute sessions – $100
90 minute sessions – $145

Burlington, VT (One weekend per month)
60 minute sessions – $100

*Sessions may be held in person or remotely by phone or Skype.

Contact: Email or Phone: 802-349-8844.
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