Don DeMercurio

 Don DeMercurio
Don DeMercurio has been working as a spiritual energy healer and integral life path counselor for almost 30 years. A graduate of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute training program and a student of the Diamond Approach to Self Realization, Don brings together the common elements of many psycho-spiritual traditions and synthesizes them in ways that are understandable and useful to students in everyday life.

He was the co-founder and director of LifeWorks Center in Bristol, VT – where for almost two decades he provided a venue for individual healing and spiritual community.

In 1999 with Nina Miller, he co-founded Journey to Peru,  a cross-cultural immersion program bringing North Americans and indigenous families in South America together in life-transforming experiences of healing and discovery. In 2006 Don founded Essence Institute offering workshops and retreats designed to help participants deepen in their understanding of their True Nature. The focus of the work is aimed at Self-realization through deep transformation.

Don offers educational workshops and retreats as well as life path counseling and spiritual energy healing in Rochester, NY and Burlington, VT.

Don is particularly gifted in manifesting the presence of Spirit in ways that others can experience and integrate into their personal lives.

Contact: Email or Phone: 802-349-8844.

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