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my philosophy

Below are some thoughts that point to the cognitive, philosophical and spiritual context from which my work with people flows.

We live in a world where the external circumstances of our lives often feel overwhelming. We have been taught by much of modern psychology that by changing our thinking we can alleviate our pain and suffering. To some extent this is true. If we change how we think (the psychological term is “re-frame”) we can indeed feel better; at least in the short term. But the deeper problem is the thinking mind itself, and how it keeps us locked into our stories of either the past or the future. The truth is that joy and happiness can only be experienced in the present moment, and this moment can never be experienced through thought. Much of my psychotherapeutic work with people is about exploring ways to become more present in life and release the historic patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck in the illusion of separation; from one another, from the natural world, and from that which is beyond all words.

Our thinking mind is a marvelous tool when it is used appropriately. Most of the time, however, it is the constant stream of thoughts in our heads that control our present experience. Just take a moment and notice the stream of thoughts flowing through the brain that have no relevance to our awareness of what is happening right now in this moment. When we have an experience we like we label it as “good” and want to hang on to it, and when we have an experience we don’t like we label it as “bad” and try to get rid of it. It is the times when we fight with our present experience that we call ourselves anxious, depressed or any of the other numerous
pathological labels that are so common today. Our egos always need something to fight against to survive. Accepting life as it is, right now, is in fact the death of the sense of separate self . Who are we beyond who we think we are?

So how does this perspective play out in my work with people? I certainly enjoy helping people change the difficult circumstances of their lives when that is possible…..and it often is possible. The deeper problem, however, is our belief that if we could only “do something” to rearrange our lives in the way we want , then we would be satisfied and happy. We have all had moments when we did indeed get what we wanted (the new house or car or “perfect” relationship!) but it never seemed to last. So where does peace and love abide if not in the thinking mind and the external circumstances of our lives?

I always feel honored when individuals or couples invite me to join them on a journey of healing that can often lead through suffering to a deeper experience of truth

some areas of interest

  • Living with life threatening and long term illness
  • Moving through and learning from anxiety and depression
  • Exploring how grief and loss are an expression of unconditional love
  • Conjoint Couples Therapy (Carla and I work together with couples)
  • Understanding and learning from adult ADD
  • The challenges of ADD and marriage
  • Moving from our working life back to our life’s work in retirement


  • I am a Preferred Provider with Vermont Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • I am also an out of network provider with some other insurance providers
  • I am also willing to consider a sliding scale of payment.

A wise Sage once said “The purpose of our lives is to die to who we think we are before who we think we are dies” It is that purpose that we would explore together.

Contact: Email or Phone (802) 859-1207 (cell) 802-999-8310.