Teach Only Love For That Is Who You Are

by David Osgood, EdD,MPH

We are born lovable. We are born into and through a Universal Mind that is a mirror of our own Great Natures. We cannot be separated from this Source. At the same time, we are born to human parents who reflect and project onto us all of the fears and mistaken beliefs passed onto them by their parents. We did not and could not know that these fears were not statements of our true identities, but rather projected illusions of generations of human beings who believed, in some essential way, separated and doomed to a life of guilt and fear with only occasional glimpses of love. Often when our loving natures were acknowledged, this was seen as a reflection of what we did rather than what we were.

As children, we had no boundaries and had to believe that our parents were gods. We had to believe because of survival. There was no other option. We were totally dependent on them for everything. If we were lucky we had parents who extended love to us along with their projected fears, but even with the most loving parents, we all came away from our childhoods with lingering beliefs that there was something inherently wrong.

As we grew into adulthood, we developed our egos or our senses of self. The ego was built as a way of protecting ourselves from the essential belief that we were unlovable and unworthy. We learned to separate in order to survive. We feared if we joined with another, s/he would uncover the hidden truth of our inadequacy and react with horror and abandonment. Our protection lay in our ability to maintain the illusion of control by leaving our loved one before s/he left us.

The process of healing and growth is a process of releasing the illusions to our own Great Natures. It is not a process of struggling to become loveable; rather it is an awaking into the truth through letting go and forgiving our erroneous beliefs and perceptions. Only these beliefs, opinions and prejudices, formed through historic fear and re-created through our present thinking, keep us separate from one another and the loving Source in which we are all held. Healing is about shifting our attention from the constant agitation of the thinking mind to the inherent peacefulness of the heart; from the voice of fear and separation that is the ego, to the Inner Voice of loving kindness that continually reminds us of our connection with all things and our moment to moment need to be merciful and forgiving of ourselves.