Essence Institute Mission, Philosophy and Practitioners

Our Mission

Essence Institute is committed to helping individuals, couples and groups to come into contact with their True Nature. Through workshops, retreats, individual and couples counseling and private spiritual healing sessions a context is created for transformation and Self-discovery.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in each of us there is an inner pull toward a remembered state of goodness, wholeness and well-being. Often, what calls us to do healing work is a deep desire to live authentically and in contact with an inner state of Truth. We want to trust our own capacities, direct our energies towards constructive projects and service, hold ourselves and others in kindness, feel joy in living, and experience a sense of peace and well-being in our own hearts. It is the nature of our human experience to become partially estranged from the essential wisdom that is our deeper nature. However, these same life experiences provide the opportunity for a courageous exploration of the limits of our personality, reawakening the awareness of who and what we really are and the potentials that lie therein. We believe that inspired learning and true healing arise from this exploration.


Don DeMercurio is an integral life path counselor and intuitive energy healer in private practice in Burlington, VT and Rochester, NY.
Nina Miller, LCMHC has been a practicing psychotherapist, facilitator, and teacher in Vermont for over 30 years.
Carla Newman Osgood, EdD has been a practicing psychologist in Vermont for over 30 years.
David Osgood, EdD, MPH has been a clinical psychologist and teacher practicing in Vermont for more than 30 years.

“Stillness is the eternal blessing of the One that is always awake” ¬†DD