Essence Institute Retires – November 15, 2018

For over 2 decades Nina Miller and Don DeMercurio have been supported by and had the privilege of being the caretakers of several entities which have served as the containers for deep transformative healing, spiritual inquiry and cross-cultural learning and exchange.

What began as LifeWorks Center for Transformative Therapy and the Healing Arts, led to Journey to Peru and then in 2006 to the formation of Essence Institute.

Essence Institute has been primarily dedicated to the fostering of the Inner Journey, through workshops, small groups and retreats.

On November 15, 2018 as Nina Miller enters retirement and opens to the next form of her own inner journey we will be officially retiring the entity of Essence Institute and our Vermont practices.

It is with the deepest of gratitude that we close this chapter knowing that the times that we have shared together have indelibly imprinted our Soul’s with the essence of each other and every moment of our times together. At this level we know our connection is eternal and ever-present.

Don will continue to see clients in his hometown of Rochester, NY as well as offering phone/skype sessions for those who wish to continue their work from a distance.
You may continue to book appointments with Don through his personal website:

Our Colleagues, Carla & David Osgood will continue to offer their services out of the Burlington, VT offices, 2 Church Street, Suite 4E, Burlington, VT 05401.

You can also reach each of us using the contact information below.

“Stillness is the eternal blessing of the One that is always awake” ¬†DD